Monday, March 7, 2011

me v's the kitchen

Well its no big suprise cooking is NOT my forte, i would much rather do the dishes than cook a wholesome meal for my family, luckily ABD is a masterchef in the making and will happily come home from work and whip up a 5 start meal however in the last week or so he has been working past the dreaded witching hour (the time between 4.30 and bedtime that you kids completely loose the plot, and i thankgod evryday that the children in the photo below do not belong to me)

so anywho moneys been non exisent tight of late and i have stumbled across so many cheap recipes and im talking below $10 that will feed a family of 5 and still have left overs for ABD to take to work for lunch
i though i would share with you what we had for dinner last night

sausage pasta bake

1 packet of sausages from woolies $3.79
1 packet of spiral pasta (i get the big homebrand packet so it does 2 meals)$1.15
1.tomato based pasta sauce,i got a raguletto garlic and red wine sauce for $1 at woolies yesterday
i use to buy the proper "pasta bake sauces" that are around $4 but was told by a friend thats its all the same,
frozen vegies i already had so around $1 was used
and shredded cheese, usually around $4.99 but like the pasta will get 2 or 3 meals out of so say $2.50 for this meal
you brown sausages,
cook pasta (cooks quicker in oven),
put pasta and vegies in baking tray,
mix sauce through,
cut up the sausages into little pieces mix through and add cheese and put into oven at about 200 degrees cook until cheese melts,
and there you go a quick, easy, cheap meal, that takes about 10 mins for prep time and 15-20 mins to cook, you could always prepare it through the day and then pop it into the oven just before you eat it
so my cheap meal comes in at $8.88 and was a 10/10 with the kids who all asked for 2nds

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lazy sundays......

For the first time ever i feel relieved for the weekend to be over,
i worked friday morning, came home and mowed the lawn, ABD is doing 12 hr shifts and the lawn looked like the scene from jurassic park where all those little dinosaurs pop out of long grass, yeh wasnt ready too loose a child.
Then we had the kids welcome bbq for school, which of course i had brought tickets for before i knew i was going to riding solo with the 3 boys, all whom wanted to go on different rides and refused to wait, so meant i had to cut the umbilical cord and just let J run off with D and their mates, walked through the door at 8pm quicky put their pj's on and staright to bed as we had to be up and out of the house at 9 to meet their new soccer coaches....oh and get rady for the big twist, i got sucked into to being J's because all the other parents had work comitments or other children they had to shuffle around, so after the initial shock wore off i packed them all back into the car and headed off for our last nippers day off the season still wrangling the 3 off them by myself, whilst trying to fix up mine and ABD belated birthday plans we had made the week before but had to can at the last minute, so got that fixed headed home at 5 pm he got home not long after..we went, we ate, we drank....much needed mummy and daddy time, and of course he got called back into work today for a 16 hr shift.
so yes im very much looking forward to the weekend finishing all the boys are at school tomorrow so i will be enjoying some pink time yes a long relaxing bath sounds good, what do yu ladies like to do too unwind after a hectic week/weekend??