Tuesday, December 14, 2010

about me

ok where to start, since this is my first ever blog and i have no idea what im doing i will start with my about me:
i am katie im a 24 year old mummy of 3 little men
i have a stephen, a dylan, a jhye and a jordy
stephen being my hard working partner of 8 yrs
dylan is 6 he is my very passionate hardworking ( daddys little apprentice) hypo loving little guy
jhye is 5 he is my laid back funny and computer loving one
than there is jordy hmmmm master 2 and by master i mean our world revovles around him!!
he is funny cute and going through the terrible 2's like i have never seen before!!
 i once considered myself a girly girl and would never leave the house without makeup and my hair done nicely
i now find myself mowing lawns, taking the boys motorbike riding, spending hrs at the beach and pools, playing trucks and trains and watching ben 10
i love when i can escape for a much needed  girly time, but i love my boys to death all 4 of them!!

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  1. welcome to the blogging world! hope you enjoy all the fun it brings and it is great to meet your little family. Naomi x