Wednesday, February 16, 2011

back online

Oh how i have missed my little cozy pink blogspot!!
no interent access thanks to changing over from carriers (blah blah blah)
having a computer with no net is like having a bowle with no food!!
speaking of no food i have been reasonbaly good, been to a few body combat and body balance classes over the last 10 days starting to feel good, still being a little bit naughty with the food tehehehehe, but needed to occupy my time with something while i was internet-less!!
having 2 kidlets at school

(had to put a photo up sooo cute)
is making it a lot easier for my but to get into gear, started at a toddler time library group with jordy love having that one on one ime with my little man, and its nice for him to have a group of little people to play with
big boys started soccer so can kiss my arvo's goodbye,and sleep ins on weekends PFFFTTTTT im expecting to sleep in around the yr 2025

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