Sunday, January 30, 2011

mummys of kind babies

To all the school mummy's out's a round of applause for surviving the school holidays with all your kids intact lol, i have spent the most part of tonight , packing bags/lunchboxes laying out the uniforms!!! that's right school is back tomorrow...well for most the kiddies our kindy babies don't start until Thursday as they run the best start programs, i cannot believe jhye will be starting school this year, so that means its just mummy and jordy at home except Monday's and Friday's!!! that means they are the first 2 days i have had completely kid free in just over 7 yrs, i have either been pregnant or had a child at home!! i really don't think i will know what to do with myself!! massive reality shock and quite possibly a clean house??? yeah right lol
so anywho i thought i would share some of my tips with mummy's of kindy babies, as i was one of the first in my mummy's group to have one i felt so overwhelmed and it took me quite sometime to settle into a routine of sorts, and because I'm incredibly UN organised these are my basic school tips
1. lunchboxes on benches as soon as the kids get home
Give them a wipe out, rinse drink bottle while your doing dinner make the sandwich ( so u can put the knife/cutting board in with your load of dishes after dinner)put it in the lunchbox ready to go i put all the recess snacks and fruit and a frozen popper in there as well and pop it in the fridge, it all stays fresh and the snacks don't spoil ( don't recommend bananas in the fridge if they are really ripe they go black) encourage your kids to put them in there bags the next day before you leave it becomes habit after awhile, this saves at;east 10 to 15 mins in the morning
2. lay out the clothes the night before include everything socks/singlets/undies/hat
if they need hair washed do it of a night time, that way they can have a quick freshen up shower in the morning, i do this straight after breakfast and they brush their teeth in there as well, then as soon as they jump out their clothes are ready to go.
also save alot of time because they WILL loose their shoes, socks and school hats every morning sometimes several times
3. snap lock bags
snap lock bags are my bestest friend in the world, i use them for EVERYTHING notes/money/anything that needs to go in their bag that you do not want lost or damaged from drink bottles, i always put the excursion notes and money in these and write on it how much is in there etc that way they have less chance of loosing it
4. homework pencil case
i have a pencil case full of lead pencils/textas glue sticks scissors because even though they "don't do homework" in kindy they will ask you to bring in drawings pictures and information on different topics that they are looking at, so instead of scrummaging through there art boxes you have one already equipped with everything you need for little projects
5.i keep a storage container and a file box which i keep special pictures/drawings in it and the file to keep the important things like school report,s merit certificates, copies of receipts and absent notes and just all the little bits and pieces you do and will manage to collect along the way ( you can pick these up from kmart for around $8
6. on my sons first day of kindy i took a photo of the class list, I'm not sure why i did at the time but it came in handy!!! its a good idea to have a reference of the kids in you child's class and also its a good idea to meet the parents where possible and swap numbers, ( i don't no how many times i have been stuck with things like classmates birthdays and not having a number to contact on so, swap numbers and mingle as much as possible just avoid the school politics, after all its the kids playground not ours
and last but not least GO WITH IT!!!
this is there time i trust my kids and just go with the flow!!
enjoy it and have fun!!
Oh and heres the big one label EVRTHING otherwise you will be replacing jumpers and hats every week

cheers katie

Monday, January 24, 2011

interview with the monsters

So i thought i'd try something a bit different and interview D aged 6 and J aged 5
even those these little guys are only 11 months apart, they a chalk and cheese they have absoloutley nothing in common, and fight every minute of the day BUT  every now and again they remember they are brothers and become the most unstoppable team and are able to acheive whatever they set out to do!!

                                                  my big boys dylan and jhye

Dylans interview
favourite food;cookies & sausages
favourite drink:coke zero (not that he ever gets it)
favourite book:grug books
favourtie movie: avatar
favourite sport:handball
favourite colour:black
favourite thing to do:ride my motorbike
best friend:tyler
what do you like about school:painting
what do you want to be when you grow up:motorcross rider

favourite food;calamri
favourite drink:water
favourite book':spot the what
favourtie movie: how to train your dragon
favourite sport:swimming
favourite colour:green
favourite thing to do:play with my friends
best friend:conor
what do you like about school:running around
what do you want to be when you grow up:police officer

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Massive thanks to manda's rambles for awarding me the versatile blogger award thanks for taking the time to reaad my blog xx

This award comes with some rules though and here they are…
Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
2. Tell us seven things about yourself
3. Award seven recently discovered new bloggers
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1. done (thanks again)

2. hmmm 7 things

1.everyear at christmas time i watch the kath and kim code, just not chrissy without watching an aussie bogan christmas movie
2. i have commitment issues (im like the man of the house ) i often start task's that i dont finish, and there are cupboards full of unfinished scrap projects (and yep having trouble finishing this lol)
3. i loooooooove the beach, i could/would never move away from the coast line
4.i have a small collection of country music that i keep well hidden from my hubby, (kasey chambers, dixie chicks)
5, when i met my hubby i had bleach blonde (beachbum) hair, i know happily sport a bruenette do
6,i have never left australia and have no real desire to travel overseas, why would i, we live in the most beautiful country
7, i despise cats they creep me out and are ignorant

ok now to award 7 other new bloggers
these women, have inspired me by reading their honest/beautiful/funny/cute post's
thankyou for sharing and inspiring me to keep going

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6.healthy earth healthy me

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes LIFE happens

In our house i have a rule to not make promises you cannot keep for me if you say something that you do not intend on following through with it means your word = zilch and therfore i will have no trust in anything you say, we don't tell the the kids we will take them somewhere unless we are 110% we are going. may sound silly to some but for me it saves the "but you said" and "you promised" that always come back to bite you in the bum
ie (d&J) we promise we will clean our room everyday, fast forward say ummm 1 day and you cannot see their
ie (me) i promise i will not overspend while out shopping with the girls, but i really needed to buy those shoes to sit in a wardrobe with the other 100's of pairs of shoes i never wear
ie (hubby) babe i will only stop in the pub for 2 beers , 1am and a dozen beers later he stumbles through the door, all of those promises we did not intend to keep because LIFE happened
the boys got distracted playing, i couldn't resist shoes on sale, and hubby got to talking to his mates and time sipped by, which in any other instance wouldn't have mattered but because we made that promise it kind of locks it in...still following me i tend to ramble??
however my theory was tested over the last few days, tonsillitis was kindly shared between our family and me being the last one to get it, i told the boys we would definitely go out on Tuesday to the movies to watch the new yogi bear movie, we'd all been hanging too see, hmm this was until i woke up this morning barely able to speak and with a throbbing head, i was thinking of ways to tell the kids i could barely move let alone sit through the movie while trying to keep master 2 entertained, i bit the bullet and i called them into the kitchen, and just said hey guys mummy is really sick today so i don't think we Will be able to go to the movies today?????????? D just looked at me and said that's OK mummy you look really sick maybe you should go to the doctors!! what???? no tantrums not tears not trying to convince me that i wasn't that little men accepted that LIFE happens.....and i accepted the fact that it wasn't actually a bad lesson for the kids to learn sometimes in life things happen, people get sick, you have car troubles, you don't have as much money left over after paying bills as you thought, shocking weather the things you cannot control, its not the end of the world if you have to alter your plans and the kids will (should) adjust..i haven't completely changed my views but i know no if any of these slip ups happen its not the end of the world

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to reality

firstly i would just like to welcome everyone to a new year, as my mum says a new yr ,new you , new start. pic 1;jordy collecting wood
         pic 2; dylan
         pic 3; jhye

We had a lovely weekend away camping for NYE it was out first experience taking all 3 boys camping, and my first experience "roughing it" yes thats right no toilets no running water (yes im a sook) give me labour anyday lol, having succesfully mastered toilet training in the last 6 months with master 2 jordy, i thought how on earth am i going to get him to go number 2's out here, but lets just say everything ran smoothly, the bigger boys had an awesome time riding there motorbikes, collecting firewood, finding all sorts of insects and bugs, and entertaining themselves,hubby was in his element doing all things manly and i missed my bed, my shower, my laptop ( ahh the thought of no facebook) being able to just duck down the shops, no phone reception!!! then it dawned on me that it had been a very long time since i had gone without these things i was technology maniac!How did i survive without facebook pre facebook era?? i couldnt believe how much this stuff had consumed my life, i mean it was only 3 days and i was having withdrawals, i relaised that i had missed out on so much because i was always on facebook/phone.driving here and was nice to go back to basics and just let my kids run wild and me run wild with them, dont get me wrong i fell back inlove with my shower the moment we walked through the door but this was the best new yrs i have ever had sitting around the bonfire in the middle of nowhere with absoloutly nothing, with the people that i love most n this earth and feeling the most content that i have felt in along time, hope you all had a fabulous new yr!!