Sunday, February 6, 2011

gym junkie

bwhahahaha i laugh when i read it because its far from what i am!!
but tomorrow this mumma is taking her but off to the gym AGAIN
i joined our local fitness first around ummmmm 6months ago (whoops)
and used all the typical excuses, no time, hubby works too long, not one to watch the boys, I'm sick their sick we are all sick, lol my favourite <...i never wanted to be the fat mum and always promised myself i would loose the weight before the boys started school but yeah that never happened and now Dylan is in
So here it is : PM pre monster F/T full term
PM: 69 kilos
F/T: 99 kilos
Fell pregnant with jhye : 92 kilos
F/T jhye 113.9 kilos
Fell preggas jordy 103 kilos,
F/T jordy 109 kilos
Now 113.5 kilo's..yep that's right same weight i was when i was 9 months pregnant with jhye!!
i feel incredibly sick even talking about it, im so very ashamed that i let myself get so big,

 so where is this sudden realisation and reality check coming from????
 hmmm a photo my cousin posted on facebook, me of guard ohhhh yuck, I'm pretty sure i nearly vomited when i seen it no more excuses no more pretending I'm not more hiding under baggy clothes, I'm doing it so back to the gym i go for a body balance and body combat class, wish me luck i will need it


  1. All the best :O) I've just started at the gym too. Doing body balance thinking about zumba too. It's along road to lose the weight - but we can do it :O)

  2. thanks caz, it sure is a long journey i think this is about attempt number 5 at the gym lol
    good to no someone else is on the journey, may keep us both a little more motivated =)
    p.s zumba is super fun, you may feel a little foolish at first but its an awesome fun workout

  3. Oh good luck -we are all barracking for each other!! It is hard to get a new mindset that is what I am finding. But here's hoping this week is a new chance (even though i ate have a packet of oreo wafers this morning......opps!) Have fun at the gym. Wish I could join one but no babysitters right now :-(

  4. Hey thanks for joining our Blogger will get great support and motivation along the way xox

  5. Good Luck with the gym.
    By playing along with us you have just got your self an awesome support system.
    Looking forward to next weeks post! :D

  6. Best of luck! I'm trying to shift the pregnancy weight too, but feeling oh-so-unmotivated most of the time. I don't have as much to lose but am facing the depressing realisation that I am unlikely to fit into my work clothes when I start back at work in 4 weeks time, as I have gone up about 2 sizes since my pre-pregnancy weight (and that's after losing the 10kg around the birth). So far, just haven't been able to shake it.

  7. Good luck! And I am on this with you!
    Before: 55kg
    First kid: 60kg
    Divorce: 65kg
    Second kid: 78kg
    Breast feeding: 85kg

    I will step by to see your progres :-))) And I hope I will be able to share mine... as my knees hurt a lot and I cannot wear my karate gi!!!

  8. Hi
    Popping in from AMB to follow you and check out your blog.
    Love it! Will be back!


  9. thanks everyone for your support, i am yet to weigh in, im not looking for a miracle but any type of loss would be great, has to be better than a gain