Saturday, February 19, 2011

sleep ins....

So im wondering how many of you mumma's out there actually have a child that sleeps in or a baby that sleep's through and by that i mean a solid 12 hours, i no some mums who state the babies sleep through but its from around 10 pm until around 5am? i dont call that sleeping through i call that tortue!! and sleeping in is anytime past 730
well im one of those women who NEVER had a child that slept through /slept in
my babies always woke around 2 am for a feed than a sleep even up to the age 1
i couldnt reason with myself to let them cry it out at 2am so it was easier for me the enitre household, just to feed them and go back to sleep, than back up at 6.....
well i got sucked into having a clothing party ( which i had last night) by one of the new school mum's who has just started doing them, everyone arrived by 730, hubby was out because the thought of that many women in one room
scared him a little, the boys had been picked up by their aunty who was going to have them for the night, mummy was enjoying a few voddy's looking at the clothes, everyone was enjoying the night chatting away when my little monsters darlings came running through the front door, jordy had gotten upset and wanted to come home, it was a round 10 pm???? my kids are usually in bed at 730 so by the time they actually got to bed it was 11 pm, i was thinking to mysef and having a bit of a brag saying oh they will sleep well tonight they have never stayed up this late before, but you guessed it 630 this morning i hear them playing! hmmmm i really do envy these mumma's of babies that sleep in especially on mornings like these


  1. All early birds here to. I know - sometimes I wish I could staple them to their beds - but alas that might not be seen as a good thing (lol).

  2. hahaha, i dont mong getting up early as such and i do consider anything past 7am as a sleep in, but its now 7.22 am and 1 is awake the other 2 are still in bed ARRGGGGHHHH why couldnt they save the sleep ins for the weekend hahaha i guess we will never win, and before we no it we will be screaming at them "get out of bed"

  3. Amy is good now, but it's taken 4 years of "training" for her to get better. Training = don't wake mummy!! Sometimes, I'll wake up at 4am and find her curled up on her bed with a picture book, or paper and pencils. Other nights she'll be in the loungeroom with the TV on.