Sunday, January 30, 2011

mummys of kind babies

To all the school mummy's out's a round of applause for surviving the school holidays with all your kids intact lol, i have spent the most part of tonight , packing bags/lunchboxes laying out the uniforms!!! that's right school is back tomorrow...well for most the kiddies our kindy babies don't start until Thursday as they run the best start programs, i cannot believe jhye will be starting school this year, so that means its just mummy and jordy at home except Monday's and Friday's!!! that means they are the first 2 days i have had completely kid free in just over 7 yrs, i have either been pregnant or had a child at home!! i really don't think i will know what to do with myself!! massive reality shock and quite possibly a clean house??? yeah right lol
so anywho i thought i would share some of my tips with mummy's of kindy babies, as i was one of the first in my mummy's group to have one i felt so overwhelmed and it took me quite sometime to settle into a routine of sorts, and because I'm incredibly UN organised these are my basic school tips
1. lunchboxes on benches as soon as the kids get home
Give them a wipe out, rinse drink bottle while your doing dinner make the sandwich ( so u can put the knife/cutting board in with your load of dishes after dinner)put it in the lunchbox ready to go i put all the recess snacks and fruit and a frozen popper in there as well and pop it in the fridge, it all stays fresh and the snacks don't spoil ( don't recommend bananas in the fridge if they are really ripe they go black) encourage your kids to put them in there bags the next day before you leave it becomes habit after awhile, this saves at;east 10 to 15 mins in the morning
2. lay out the clothes the night before include everything socks/singlets/undies/hat
if they need hair washed do it of a night time, that way they can have a quick freshen up shower in the morning, i do this straight after breakfast and they brush their teeth in there as well, then as soon as they jump out their clothes are ready to go.
also save alot of time because they WILL loose their shoes, socks and school hats every morning sometimes several times
3. snap lock bags
snap lock bags are my bestest friend in the world, i use them for EVERYTHING notes/money/anything that needs to go in their bag that you do not want lost or damaged from drink bottles, i always put the excursion notes and money in these and write on it how much is in there etc that way they have less chance of loosing it
4. homework pencil case
i have a pencil case full of lead pencils/textas glue sticks scissors because even though they "don't do homework" in kindy they will ask you to bring in drawings pictures and information on different topics that they are looking at, so instead of scrummaging through there art boxes you have one already equipped with everything you need for little projects
5.i keep a storage container and a file box which i keep special pictures/drawings in it and the file to keep the important things like school report,s merit certificates, copies of receipts and absent notes and just all the little bits and pieces you do and will manage to collect along the way ( you can pick these up from kmart for around $8
6. on my sons first day of kindy i took a photo of the class list, I'm not sure why i did at the time but it came in handy!!! its a good idea to have a reference of the kids in you child's class and also its a good idea to meet the parents where possible and swap numbers, ( i don't no how many times i have been stuck with things like classmates birthdays and not having a number to contact on so, swap numbers and mingle as much as possible just avoid the school politics, after all its the kids playground not ours
and last but not least GO WITH IT!!!
this is there time i trust my kids and just go with the flow!!
enjoy it and have fun!!
Oh and heres the big one label EVRTHING otherwise you will be replacing jumpers and hats every week

cheers katie

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  1. Nice work! Great idea to take a photo of the class list. My biggest pink is in her second year (grade one) and that would have helped me so much last year!! We're not back until friday. Hope all goes well this morning.