Monday, January 24, 2011

interview with the monsters

So i thought i'd try something a bit different and interview D aged 6 and J aged 5
even those these little guys are only 11 months apart, they a chalk and cheese they have absoloutley nothing in common, and fight every minute of the day BUT  every now and again they remember they are brothers and become the most unstoppable team and are able to acheive whatever they set out to do!!

                                                  my big boys dylan and jhye

Dylans interview
favourite food;cookies & sausages
favourite drink:coke zero (not that he ever gets it)
favourite book:grug books
favourtie movie: avatar
favourite sport:handball
favourite colour:black
favourite thing to do:ride my motorbike
best friend:tyler
what do you like about school:painting
what do you want to be when you grow up:motorcross rider

favourite food;calamri
favourite drink:water
favourite book':spot the what
favourtie movie: how to train your dragon
favourite sport:swimming
favourite colour:green
favourite thing to do:play with my friends
best friend:conor
what do you like about school:running around
what do you want to be when you grow up:police officer


  1. Doesn't it amaze you how each child has their very own individual personality. Your boys a very cute!

  2. hey caz, thankyou, yes these 2 are chalk and cheese people automatically assume because they are so close in age they are best of friends, but thats no the case they are close and love each other but have nothing in common lol