Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes LIFE happens

In our house i have a rule to not make promises you cannot keep for me if you say something that you do not intend on following through with it means your word = zilch and therfore i will have no trust in anything you say, we don't tell the the kids we will take them somewhere unless we are 110% we are going. may sound silly to some but for me it saves the "but you said" and "you promised" that always come back to bite you in the bum
ie (d&J) we promise we will clean our room everyday, fast forward say ummm 1 day and you cannot see their
ie (me) i promise i will not overspend while out shopping with the girls, but i really needed to buy those shoes to sit in a wardrobe with the other 100's of pairs of shoes i never wear
ie (hubby) babe i will only stop in the pub for 2 beers , 1am and a dozen beers later he stumbles through the door, all of those promises we did not intend to keep because LIFE happened
the boys got distracted playing, i couldn't resist shoes on sale, and hubby got to talking to his mates and time sipped by, which in any other instance wouldn't have mattered but because we made that promise it kind of locks it in...still following me i tend to ramble??
however my theory was tested over the last few days, tonsillitis was kindly shared between our family and me being the last one to get it, i told the boys we would definitely go out on Tuesday to the movies to watch the new yogi bear movie, we'd all been hanging too see, hmm this was until i woke up this morning barely able to speak and with a throbbing head, i was thinking of ways to tell the kids i could barely move let alone sit through the movie while trying to keep master 2 entertained, i bit the bullet and i called them into the kitchen, and just said hey guys mummy is really sick today so i don't think we Will be able to go to the movies today?????????? D just looked at me and said that's OK mummy you look really sick maybe you should go to the doctors!! what???? no tantrums not tears not trying to convince me that i wasn't that little men accepted that LIFE happens.....and i accepted the fact that it wasn't actually a bad lesson for the kids to learn sometimes in life things happen, people get sick, you have car troubles, you don't have as much money left over after paying bills as you thought, shocking weather the things you cannot control, its not the end of the world if you have to alter your plans and the kids will (should) adjust..i haven't completely changed my views but i know no if any of these slip ups happen its not the end of the world


  1. Good on you for having such a sensible attitude about it. Consistency is important, yes, but being consistently reasonable in all the circumstances is more important than consistently following any rule, IMO.

  2. wow thankyou for sharing that, it was certainly a light bulb moment for me!
    i now realise there is a huge difference between lying to a child and just having to rearrange plan etc, its acually worked out for the best now because i will be able too leave master 2 with nanna next week, so we can see it in 3D which is what the boys originally wanted to see it in

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