Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to reality

firstly i would just like to welcome everyone to a new year, as my mum says a new yr ,new you , new start. pic 1;jordy collecting wood
         pic 2; dylan
         pic 3; jhye

We had a lovely weekend away camping for NYE it was out first experience taking all 3 boys camping, and my first experience "roughing it" yes thats right no toilets no running water (yes im a sook) give me labour anyday lol, having succesfully mastered toilet training in the last 6 months with master 2 jordy, i thought how on earth am i going to get him to go number 2's out here, but lets just say everything ran smoothly, the bigger boys had an awesome time riding there motorbikes, collecting firewood, finding all sorts of insects and bugs, and entertaining themselves,hubby was in his element doing all things manly and i missed my bed, my shower, my laptop ( ahh the thought of no facebook) being able to just duck down the shops, no phone reception!!! then it dawned on me that it had been a very long time since i had gone without these things i was technology maniac!How did i survive without facebook pre facebook era?? i couldnt believe how much this stuff had consumed my life, i mean it was only 3 days and i was having withdrawals, i relaised that i had missed out on so much because i was always on facebook/phone.driving here and was nice to go back to basics and just let my kids run wild and me run wild with them, dont get me wrong i fell back inlove with my shower the moment we walked through the door but this was the best new yrs i have ever had sitting around the bonfire in the middle of nowhere with absoloutly nothing, with the people that i love most n this earth and feeling the most content that i have felt in along time, hope you all had a fabulous new yr!!

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