Monday, December 27, 2010

a fabulous end to the year

Well now that chrissy and boxing day are wrapped up and what a fabulous time we had ,  its time to put away the tree and get ready for a new yr and some new resoloutions, being a yo yo dieter and on and off gym junkie i have decided that instead of just working hard for the number drop on the scales, im going to work towards changing my whole attitude towards food, and my body!!
Am i scared? hell yes!! but im even more scared of the fact that i dont feel comfortable in my own skin.
i was just uploading all the chrissy photos to the comp and realised the pnly photo im in is one i took of stephen and i of our heads lol

what new yr's resoloutions do you guys have planned?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

taking away the parenting labels

Ok so their are many labels that get pinned on you when you become  MOTHER (OR PREGNANT) the one that rattles my bones are 'teen mum' ..............
i fell pregnant when i was 17 and stephen was 19, he was working full time, not once during my pregnancy did we accept "hand me down clothes" (what the hell was i thinking) and all of our nursery furniture was brought brand new that we paid for...when my bub was born i breast fed used cloth nappies and made all of his food, when he cried threw the night i got up, i didnt have a super nanny that come in and saved the day when i was elbows deep in vomit and poo, and yet i still got labelled as a teen parent and that our son was the result of an accident i didnt get to enjoy him because i was so affraid of screwing everything upand when i had my 2nd baby the following year i ended up with severe pnd that dint shake until he was 8 months old and than i had my lightbulb moment, it was like everything fell into place and i felt comfortable in my own skin comfortable as a mother and that is something i had never felt before!!  by the time baby number 3 came along i was 22, and suddenly the label had dropped, ok we already had 2 other kids, but every child is different and i stumbled and made just as many mistakes as i did with the first 2, one of the mistakes i refused to make was letting society judge me because of my age i knew than it wasnt the end of the world if my son wore  hand me downs  or i didnt make his food from scratch and cloth nappies honestly what the hell was i thinking!!!all i felt was that i was blessed to have 3 beautiful boys who where very much wanted (even number 3 who was a little bit of a suprise miracle after hubby had testicular cancer and several doses of high chemo and were told chances of having another where about 10 %)
i do however realise their are plenty of  of younger parents out their that may do it for the baby bonus or for whatever reason, but people need to realise that their are plenty of older mums that do  it for the same reason,,does it really matter if you are 18 or 38 when you have a baby they all have the same needs and we all struggle and have really crappy days, imagine having the pressures on you that you automatically fail because you are younger, i have met many different aged mums at my sons school and they go through the same struggles with raising kids as i do, to me it doesnt matter how old you are all babies need to be fed,changed,bathed and most importantly LOVED
I choose to have my babies, i chose to take on all the responsibilities, i gave up my old life to become a mummy and i wouldnt change that for the world

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 1 of school holidays, and i have already lost a child in the shopping center

Well technically he lost me, we went to finish up the last of our christmas shopping today and master 6 decided he would run off towards one of those display stands with the remote control cars and things not realising that we actually had'nt followed him and we turned into a shop, my mum hit panic mode str8 away,but i decided to teach him a lesson because he well and truly knows better than to run off in the shops, so i hid just in side of the shop and kept a close eye on him while my mum aka nanny went into the shop with master 5 and 2, i took a few minutes before he realised i wasnt following him and the panic set in, and he started looking around for me  and thats when i walked over grabbed him and gave him the same lecture i had given him when he was 3!!! he aso has been banned from his playstation privileges for 1 week, and hopefully he will take that time to realise that running away from mummy in a packed out shopping center is not the smartest thing to do!!
i have a list of expectations on my kids for when we go shopping, dpending on where we go and how packed it is
1. hold onto someone or something e.g trolley,brothers hand not ask for things, if you behave you may be get a treat at the end
3. if you play up and run around you will have 1 afternoon activity taken off you e.g tv, playstation having the neighbours over too play
4. look with your eyes not your hands
especially at this crazy time of year the last thing i want is too
 A, loose a child (which kind of happened today)
or B, having to replace items out of a store because they have broken something
i have however learnt a valuable lesson that 3 kids and christmas shopping do not mix well!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my baby survived kindergarten =)

so today marks the last day of kindy for my 6 yo, after a lengthy debate over today being a mufti day (had not recieved note home) i decided to trust dylans word and sent him in his normal clothes, after all we had survived all of kindergarten without him pulling this one on me, and  as we pulled up at the school this morning i seen all the little kids run into school without school uniforms on, i turned around and apologised for not believeing him..and he just said thats ok mum we all make mistakes!!!
god im so proud of him, he has done a fabulous job this year, and enjoyed going to school, his whole attitude has changed and im looking forward to my othe baby starting next year
i can now officially call myself a school mumma =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

about me

ok where to start, since this is my first ever blog and i have no idea what im doing i will start with my about me:
i am katie im a 24 year old mummy of 3 little men
i have a stephen, a dylan, a jhye and a jordy
stephen being my hard working partner of 8 yrs
dylan is 6 he is my very passionate hardworking ( daddys little apprentice) hypo loving little guy
jhye is 5 he is my laid back funny and computer loving one
than there is jordy hmmmm master 2 and by master i mean our world revovles around him!!
he is funny cute and going through the terrible 2's like i have never seen before!!
 i once considered myself a girly girl and would never leave the house without makeup and my hair done nicely
i now find myself mowing lawns, taking the boys motorbike riding, spending hrs at the beach and pools, playing trucks and trains and watching ben 10
i love when i can escape for a much needed  girly time, but i love my boys to death all 4 of them!!