Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 1 of school holidays, and i have already lost a child in the shopping center

Well technically he lost me, we went to finish up the last of our christmas shopping today and master 6 decided he would run off towards one of those display stands with the remote control cars and things not realising that we actually had'nt followed him and we turned into a shop, my mum hit panic mode str8 away,but i decided to teach him a lesson because he well and truly knows better than to run off in the shops, so i hid just in side of the shop and kept a close eye on him while my mum aka nanny went into the shop with master 5 and 2, i took a few minutes before he realised i wasnt following him and the panic set in, and he started looking around for me  and thats when i walked over grabbed him and gave him the same lecture i had given him when he was 3!!! he aso has been banned from his playstation privileges for 1 week, and hopefully he will take that time to realise that running away from mummy in a packed out shopping center is not the smartest thing to do!!
i have a list of expectations on my kids for when we go shopping, dpending on where we go and how packed it is
1. hold onto someone or something e.g trolley,brothers hand not ask for things, if you behave you may be get a treat at the end
3. if you play up and run around you will have 1 afternoon activity taken off you e.g tv, playstation having the neighbours over too play
4. look with your eyes not your hands
especially at this crazy time of year the last thing i want is too
 A, loose a child (which kind of happened today)
or B, having to replace items out of a store because they have broken something
i have however learnt a valuable lesson that 3 kids and christmas shopping do not mix well!!!

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  1. Hey Katie

    Yep, I'm hearing ya. I have a similar list of expectations. And I too have had my child almost "lost". Not fun at all. :D Merry Christmas! Hope you get all your shopping done.