Friday, February 25, 2011

party season

ok so here i go on a rant again,

j recieved his first party invitation yesterday and while i was talking to some of the new kindy mums about when our childrens birthday come up , we got too talking about part food, it was then i discovered that i could possibly be the only mother left in the world that served lolies, chips, and all sorts of yummy treats including cordial, at my kiddies b'days?? surely this cant be the case... can it????
apperently so with group this mums .
when i was a child we never had that stuff on hand, it was simply "party food" we couldnt go to fridge or cupboards and help ourselves to copius amount of chips, lollies and choccies which im sure is the case for most families with little people (including ours), so i dont understand why most birthday parties are being over ruled by fruit platters and rice crackers and healthy alternatives, not saying there is anything wrong with those things, and i do always make up a yummy fruit platter, but really its a birthday party, we pump enough healthy stuff into them throughout the week with our constant lunchbox war's without depriving them of some party food on the odd occasion,i think its a great way of teaching them about "sometimes food" i dont ever buy cordial at home but when my kids go to partys i let them drink it, why?? because letting a 6 yo have a couple of glasses at a party will not kill them , but rather "teach" them that its ok to have these thing on an odd occasion such as a party but you dont need to have them everyday, my children usually still choose water over any other drink, and love most fruits and vegies, so for me letting them have a little treat at party is speacial thing that they enjoy


  1. Oh dear. I must be a really bad mum! I still do lollie and chippie parties and I even let the kids have McDonalds every now and then. I believe in balance with regards to most things. But let them be kids ..... please!

  2. im with you caz, its all about finding a balance, and yes my kids eat macca's sometimes a lit bit more often than i would like , but sometime thats ust life

  3. I'm with you. Let kids be kids and enjoy those treats. If that's taken away from them - what the hell's the point of childhood?
    We have our adulthood to deprive ourselves of all the good stuff.

  4. I'm with you. My kids don't get it every day, so I'm fine with it as a treat at parties. Having said that - I do also "vet" what's in the goody bag they bring home. But not to assess the nutritional value and sugar content inside - so I can liberate a little something for myself!

  5. romina, all i seem to be doing is depriving myself of them yummy "party foods" lol if only we got invited to birthday parties every week,
    PP i also am guilty of perusing the party babs for the small hoccys and red snakes lol

  6. and by babs i mean bags and hoccys i mean choccys hehehehe

  7. Totally agree.

    My kids actually don't really like lollies (my eldest is only almost 3 so maybe it is just the chewing thing). They do like chocolate though (thanks to their grandmother).

    I certainly don't object to getting lolly bags at birthday parties because usually it means I get to eat them!

  8. I still do the lolly thing too. You see I RARELY have any sort of junk food in the house so splurging on lollies for birthdays for us is fun.

  9. same here julie im always the first to check the lolly bag ove hehehe gotta steal those red lollies
    kelly our household is much the same with junkfood, more so because i would be tempted to eat it all hehehe
    but it is all in the name of fun,
    im all for healthy eating every other day and im very conscious about what my boys eat, party food is what teaches us about normal food, and sometime food and yes my kids wil be found hovering the lolly table for most of the party hehehe =)